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and I move students from lost & lethargic to focussed & fired-up by giving them the tools to grant their work wishes & the careers to change their lives!

I’m on a mission to empower parents and teens with the knowledge and resources they need to create career clarity, find focus, decide direction and apply action.

Join me and let me help you with all things careers.  

To get your teen started on the essentials for school success,
download my free Career Booster Blueprint.

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Being the mum of two teens, I get how on the back foot you can feel with all the options and choices that your child has to make.

"But you just have to trust the school just take care of that, don't you?"

Nope.  You don't.  I am here to give you all the insights, latest advice and knowledge you need to support you to be your child's own career coach.

Support For Your Child With Their Career Choices

Careers Guidance 

I am a registered professional with the Career Development Institute. I abide by their code of ethics and am DBS checked.
I have worked with school pupils, university students, graduates and MBA students.
I will get you focused and moving forward with your career.

Degree Apprenticeships

The Degree Apprenticeship Academy is for ambitious sixth formers who want a degree and a professional career without having to go to university. I will teach you how to research vacancies and market yourself on paper and in person to achieve your dream role.

University Applications 

 Prepare, research and explore university and degree options so you can apply with complete confidence, knowing that your choices  and chances are the best they can be.
I help to plan ahead for university   applications and work with applicants to ensure that  personal statements hit the right mark.

I'm on a mission!

Susan is an award winning and trusted expert in careers guidance & employability with over 25 years working in universities and schools to successfully support students in their career planning.

 As a professional member of the Career Development Institute, she serves parents and teens who are no longer willing to make career choices without the information and support they need to get it right first time.

 Instead, Susan takes them through career planning with her 1:1 guidance, and further support in applications and interviews for both university and Degree Apprenticeships.

Removing a lack of knowledge and understanding of the career  pathways ahead, Susan takes her clients through each stage of career planning with the information and resources necessary to make sound  career decisions.

Susan is committed to spreading the message that career planning can be broken down into 4 easy steps and that creating clarity, finding focus, deciding direction, and applying action ARE all possible with the right support.

Susan will help you discover your next move and support you with an action plan and practical outcomes to get there.

 Online Careers Courses


"I chose Susan to help me & my daughter with some career guidance and advice. I decided Susan was just the right person after hearing her speaking. I was not disappointed & Susan followed up very quickly with an appointment & my daughter had some 1:1 coaching. A few days later my daughter was contacted about a job and had the confidence to represent herself well during the interview and she got the job! I can highly recommend Susan to anyone like me, that was struggling to give the right guidance to my daughter, where Susan stepped in & put everything into perspective providing the documented output that we were looking for".
Deb Cole


"I wanted to say, that I believe the session with you has really made XXXX think about what he wants to do, and this seems to have made him realise the importance of putting more effort into his school work.  i.e. His attitude to work has changed, and he now appears to be motivated, which in my view was the first and most important - and hardest - transformation that needed to happen.  It's too much of a coincidence that this has happened after the session with you - after all, we have been trying for years to get through to him. So a huge THANK YOU!"

Jane Booke-Hughes


"We cannot thank you enough for the help you have given our son XXXX, regarding potential apprenticeship opportunities. From providing links and resources and one to one support, your valuable knowledge, combined with your enthusiastic and encouraging approach has given him so much more confidence. As a result he is progressing well through the stages of no less than 6 apprenticeship applications!   We have already recommended your services to our friends".

David Clayton



Degree Apprenticeship Webinar

Did you know you can start a professional career and have your degree paid for by the employer?

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Life After GCSEs - Year 11 Options

Did you know there are eight possible career paths that you can pursue after finishing your GCSEs?

To find out more, please register to here and understand all the options open to you after Year 11.

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Career Booster Blueprint for success

Career planning can seem overwhelming, but with my 4 step process  Career Booster Blueprint you can crack the essentials for school career planning success.

Download this free workbook with information links.

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Parent Guide to Results Day

Results Day can be a nerve wracking roller coaster ride.  This guide will ensure you have  the tips and information you need to navigate each bend included.

Download this free pdf with step by step instructions.

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