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Susan has a wealth of knowledge, a wonderfully approachable style and always thinks imaginatively and ambitiously when she is considering a student’s options. She gave me so many wonderful ideas when I was thinking about the options for my teenager. I thoroughly recommend discussing options with her!

Kirsty Briggs

Kirsty BriggsDyslexia Specialist - Ask Mrs Briggs

Susan has a wealth of experience. She is approachable, friendly & she has loads of ideas.  A conversation with Susan is a real confidence booster – for teen and their parent.

Sheena Pentland

Sheena PentlandMum to secondary pupils

I cannot rate Susan highly enough! She is very personable, attentive and knowledgeable. Susan provided me with excellent advice and encouragement on journey to return to work after a long career break to raise a family.

Katie Price

Katie PriceLocal Client

Susan Smith is an amazing person and I can’t think of anyone better to help with careers advice. Highly recommend!

Katherine Richardson

Katherine Richardson Governor at The Grove Junior Primary School

Susan was extremely knowledgable and helpful with GCSE subject choices, and she knows just how to engage with teenagers. Thankyou !

Sharon Wood

Sharon WoodMum of Year 9 student

Susan worked with me during my time at secondary school when I needed guidance as to what courses I should do at University. I came to her with very little idea as to what career path I should take and where my strengths would be most valuable. She is very personable, attentive and knowledgeable and provided me with a clear insight into the options that would best suit me. I would highly recommend speaking to Susan as her advice and knowledge has aided me in graduating University and undergoing a year in industry with Morgan Stanley

Eric Fulham

Eric FulhamEx-Student - Internship Employee at Morgan Stanley

I have known Susan for many years, and was delighted when she took on the role at the University of Sydney Business School. Susan brings a fresh approach, displaying a high energy enthusiasm which she balances with well-designed programs for students. She is outcome-driven and focused on delivering results for key stakeholders. At a personal level, she is fun and generous and I never left a meeting with her without some new perspectives, resources and renewed energy for my role in career development.

Barbara Mackie

Barbara MackieCareer Development Manager - Australian Graduate School of Management

Susan’s visionary and innovative style of work increased the Careers Service profile at UTS Business. She is dedicated and passionate about supporting students’ career development and will go out of her way to assist students in any way she can. Her vast experience and adaptability means she fits in very well in diverse situations – with students, corporates and colleagues.

Esita Sogotubu

Esita SogotubuEmployability Manager - University of Technology Sydney

Susan Smith is one of the most motivating careers consultants I have ever worked with. She is a skilled communicator and effective collaborator. Her focus on ensuring employability as a curriculum outcome has seen her create innovative career programs that enable students to reflect on their individual strengths and skills in ways that help them apply these to future employment. I can recommend Susan without reservation.

Dr O'Leary

Dr O'LearySenior Fellow - The Australia & New Zealand School of Government