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Working through job and work experience applications tends to require more than simply answering the questions.  There are particular ways to think about what you are really being asked and then present your information in a format that will help your application to be noticed.  Applications are mostly online and have a word limit and complex back end databases that scan for key words.  With support you can learn the skills and techniques to complete applications and get you to the interview or assessment stage.
In order to support you in the correct approach, research and thinking required to be successful, I offer appointments that are longer and more than just a review of your application or CV.   A review will offer feedback but a consultation will allow us to really research who the audience for your application is and tailor it accordingly.
  1. University Applications – require research and a well thought out approach as to how you are going to market yourself in your personal statement to fit the course requirements and the wider university community.
  2. Degree Apprenticeship applications – require a systematic approach that looks at defining your skills and providing concrete evidence and examples for these.
  3. CVs are a form of application but have a specific format and layout.   Attempting to market yourself in the best possible light with limited space is a skill that I can support you with and help you develop.