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Upcoming Exam Grading


Covid-19 – Exam Grading

Your child will collect their A Level and GCSE results on the same date as planned. These will be a calculated grade based on a number of sources of evidence.

A Level Results Day: 13th August 2020
GCSE Results Day: 20th August 2020


You can if you wish, appeal the grade.  This will mean asking for a check of the data given from the exam centre to the exam board. In his direction to Ofqual, the Secretary of State said the appeals process should focus on whether the right data was used and correctly applied, rather than on teachers’ professional judgment.

Autumn Series Exams

There is a suggestion that students who are not happy with their calculated grade can sit the exam in the autumn. However, there is nothing concrete to suggest what that would look like and it seems to be up to the exam boards whether or not they will decide to offer extra exams at this time.

Useful Links in Relation to Exam Calculated Grades and Appeals

University – What Next?

If your child has applied to University, they will have a done so through UCAS (Universities Clearing and Admissions Service) and will have been created a profile on ‘Track’. They will log in with their personal ID and password they created when signing up to UCAS.
Please note: If your child has not applied to University but is now thinking about it, they can still apply. If applying after the 30th June 2020 your child will automatically enter ‘clearing’ as they won’t be holding any offers and will need to pay £25 full application fee.
If you look at ‘Track’ you will see if your child is holding any unconditional or conditional offers. These will need to be accepted by the deadline given on ‘Track’.

Accepting Offers

The deadline for accepting offers has been extended due to Covid-19 and the final date will be 20th July or earlier if specified.
Accepted a conditional offer? Be prepared to phone up and ask for the same university place through clearing on results day if you do not get the grades you wanted. You can phone the University directly (numbers are contained through clearing when you click on the course details).

UCAS ‘Extra’

UCAS Extra is a second chance for people that weren’t made an offer by any of the original five universities they applied to. Essentially, this gives you the opportunity to apply to a sixth university. You’ll be given the chance to apply to new universities or new courses, but only one at a time. UCAS Extra starts at the end of February (25th February 2020) and runs until the beginning of July (5th July). After this time if you still haven’t gotten a university place you’ll be eligible for Clearing. You will see this button on ‘Track’.

Going through ‘Clearing’.

If you have not accepted any offers or if you don’t meet the grades you will automatically be entered into clearing. Clearing will be from 6th JULY 2020 onwards so you can still research and look at University courses that have places in advance of your A Level Results.
You can apply to clearing from 15:00 on A Level Results Day. Be ready in advance and have spoken to the Universities that interest you to see if you can get a verbal offer. You need to have had that verbal offer before you enter the course choice in clearing. Also ask questions such as do they still have accommodation, will they need to see your proof of your exam certificates. The universities will want to talk to you and find out WHY you want to do that course.

Useful Links in Relation to Clearing and Calculated Grades

College – What Next?

All colleges are considering ways to invite you to take a virtual look under the current Covid-19 restrictions.
Oaklands College are accepting applications to study for September and are offering you the chance to explore the courses you are interested in online.

Oaklands College – Open Events

A full list of colleges that you can explore for your child can be found on the YC Hertfordshire Website.

YC Hertfordshire – Sixth Form Training Providers

Planning Ahead For Results Day

The times are uncertain. No one can predict entirely what will be happening in September and if classes at University and College will be back. Perhaps you are feeling unsure about whether or not you will have to appeal your calculated results, or perhaps you’ve already decided you’d like to sit your exams properly in the Autumn Exam Series (if this eventuates).

At this stage you may need to plan for a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.

Year 11

Young people must remain in education or training until the age of 18. It does not mean you must stay in school; you can choose one of the following options:

  • Full-time education, such as school, college or learning provider.
  • Work-based learning, such as an apprenticeship or traineeship.
  • Part-time education or training if you are employed, self-employed or volunteering for 20 hours or more a week.

Young People can be applying for college, looking for work or setting up some sort of volunteering to gain some life experience until things look clearer. Oaklands and other colleges offer some courses that have a January start, so you can be preparing for resits and perhaps a college start date later on.

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