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About Me

I’m all about clear, informed and action based careers guidance.  I will help you find your focus and get you motivated to aim high and more importantly succeed in what you want to do next.

I know that feeling of being 'lost' and unsure of what to do.

After graduating with an Arts Degree, I joined a long history of ‘graduates’ wondering what to do next. After returning from a Teaching English Abroad experience in the Ukraine, I threw myself into lots of ‘little’ jobs including working for British Airways in their call centre. I was quite lost so I found myself venturing back to my old University to get some help from the careers service. As it turns out it was quite enlightening!

The more I looked into my career the more I decided that I would like to be a Careers Adviser.  I had become so passionate about what good careers advice could do for young people that I decided I would pursue a career in it.

Qualifying as a Professional in Careers Guidance

After graduating with a postgraduate qualification in Careers Guidance & Education, I worked for the local authority providing careers provision for schools and unemployed young people. I then moved into Higher Education careers and have been working within the Universities sector for nearly 30 years now. I worked for The University of West of Scotland and the University of Glasgow before moving to Sydney, Australia.

Taking my own careers advice!

I moved to Sydney, Australia and I used my own application and interview advice to score an amazing job working for Apple in Training and Development. Life in the corporate sector was extremely fast paced and demanding but a lot of fun! After having my children I returned to the higher education sector to work with business students and MBA executives at The University of Technology Sydney and then as a Careers Manager at The University of Sydney Business School.

And now, here I am living and working in Harpenden.

Returning to Hertfordshire six years ago, I initially freelanced with The University of Hertfordshire Careers Service.  I then took a job as a Careers Adviser, for a local secondary school providing careers service provision to students choosing their GCSE’s, A-Levels, Degree Courses as well as helping students to apply to Universities and Degree Apprenticeship Programmes.   I have also written and taught a careers subject to the sixth form and helped students to find valuable and career defining work experience. I’m also a qualified administrator of the Morrisby psychometric tests and freelance for the Morrisby organisation.

I had the pleasure of working with Susan during her time at the University of Sydney Business School. Her commitment to the students through her involvement with the Business School Society was unparalleled. Susan was vision focused and was happy to assist me in any way that she could. Her positive attitude and kind nature was always a reassuring reference point.

Phoebe Katelaris - University of Sydney Student

Professional Experience

  • 2014 – Roundwood Park Secondary School Careers Adviser
  • 2014 – University of Hertfordshire, Freelance Careers Consultant
  • 2012 – University of Sydney Business School, Careers Service Manager)
  • 2010 – University of Technology Sydney, Business School Careers Adviser
  • 2006 –Apple, Learning and Development
  • 2001  University of Glasgow Careers Service, Careers Consultant
  • 1999University of the West of Scotland, Careers Consultant
  • 1997 Glasgow City Council, Careers Adviser for schools